Youth Development

The Youth Development Division is now a Division on its own, after being separated from the Cultural Division in 2017.

It is the mission of the Youth Development Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to empower and create enabling environment for yourth that is inclusive and sustainable, to address the socio-economic, spiritual and socio-psychological challenges they are facing. The Division has two main objectives:

  • Strengthen partnership sith youth stakeholders in Tonga for more efficient and effective implementation of Tonga’s National Youth Policy and the revised National Youth Strategy; and
  • Empower youth to be productive and responsible citizens.

There will be an emphasis on working with key stakeholders to deliver programs that will address social concerns such as destructive substances amongst youth. This will contribute to the existing efforts to address the rising social concerns such as drug, crives rate and teen pregnacncy ect.

The following outputs could only be effectively implementd with the support and close collaboration with the youth stakeholders. This includes strengthening of the esisting structures such as local government, church and the home. Regular youth stakeholders forums thrughout Tonga also ensures the same information is shares across the sectors.

Key Outputs:

  • Lauch and Implement Tonga’s National Youth Policy;
  • Launch and Implement the National Youth Strategy;
  • Coordinated Youth Stakeholders forums; and 
  • Disbursement of youth grants.

Polokalama Tuitui Mo e Potungaue Ki he Ngaahi Ngaue Fakalotofonua