The Ministry of Internal Affairs consolidates policies relevant to social and community development and delivers functions pertinent to creating the enabling environment of poverty alleviation and inclusivity. MIA complements the efforts of other Line Ministries in promoting strong inclusive communities through social service demands and in ensuring equitable distribution of development benefits, such as;
▪ Social Services – Women, Gender Equality, Youth, Marginalized and Vulnerable, Elderly and Church Leaders Desk.
▪ Employment Services – Management of overseas seasonal work schemes;
▪ Community Development – Development of local governance capacity and engagement and the management of District Development Committees.
▪ Sports Development and Recreational Facilities.
▪ Promotion of women’s rights and gender issues.
The Ministry’s main focus is to drive meaningful change to make a difference to the lives of Tonga’s people, families and communities with special focus on vulnerable groups. With solid leadership and management, the Ministry’s key areas of policy-driven and activity-based initiatives transpire from services of the Ministry’s Church Leaders Desk, Sports Development & Recreational activities, Overseas Employment opportunities, Community Development and Local Governance, Women Affairs, Social Welfare Services (Social Protection and Vulnerability (SPV) and Youth Development programs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is set on delivery of its core services with focus on achieving a sustained higher quality of life for all, the benefits of which will be visible and tangible at all levels, in particular, for those at the Grass root level.