Sports & Active Recreation

Sports and Active Recreation Division (SARD) is fully responsible in addressing of sport activities in complement ot promote healthy lifestyle through physical activities and helathy eating at ALL level. Partnership eith National Sport Federation and related stakeholders is a milestone in addressing of NATIONAL SPORT’s OUTPUT indicated through the following strategic actions.

SARD main strategic actions are rested of school sports programs as identified on overseas sport tour, scholarships awarded and career pathways. Sport for health programs is also another platform as operating of Fiefia sports for workplaces in Tonga. Community outreach program known as Kau Mai Tonga Ke Tau Fakamalohisino (KMT) is an effective reach out sport activity to communities in partnership with affiliated sports federation and Tonga Health. The extension of sport intervention to include technical and vocational schools is a new sport initiative. Financial assistance through sport grants is readily secured to serve any sport related program has linked to the divisional outcomes. Renovation and refurbishment of sports facilities and procuring of sports equipment are served responsively to support sports utilization. Identification of human resources development program is adhering wihtin division and seeking of financial assistance is also embedded to booze delivery of sports. The most significant action to be adhered is the SPORT policy to minize disputes amongst National Sports Federation and review of the national strategic plan for 2021 – 2025.

The National Strategy seeks to contribute to Tonga’s development outcomes through sport and active recreation – with the mission being: “to enrich the quality of life of all Tongans through the development of sport and active recreation.”

This Nationa Strategic Planning framework is fundamental in drawing together strategies to develop the four priority areas in the sport and recreation sector, which are (1) Good Governance; (2) Participation and Performance; (3) Facility Development. Addressing these priority areas is fundamental particularly in progressing Tonga’s effort to gain livelihood under sports sector developme.


‘Oku kei manatu ‘a mamani ki he fuofua fo’i ‘a e timi ha’u ‘a e kangaroo ‘a ‘Aositelelia ‘i he timi liiki fakafonua ‘a Tonga. Ko e ngaahi timi kotoa ko ia kuo nau ikuna ‘a e ipu ‘a mamani ‘i he liiki, kuo vevela’i kotoa ia ‘e he timi ‘a Tonga. Pea ‘oku teu atu foki ‘a e World Cup ‘a e liiki ke fakahoko ki England ‘i he ‘aho 15 ‘o ‘Okatopa ‘o e Ta’u ni. ‘Oku kau ‘a e timi ‘a Tonga ‘i he ngaahi timi kuo fai ‘a e sio ki ai tenau ikuna ‘a e fe’auhi ‘a mamani ki he Ta’u ni. 



Ko hono fakaa’u ia ‘o e fekau ‘o e mo’ui lelei mo’ui fiefia, ke ‘inasi ai ‘a kinautolu kuo tukupa ‘enau mo’ui ke nau hoko ko e sevaniti ma’ae kakai pea mo e pule’anga. Ko e taha eni ha polokalama fakafiefia ‘a e kau mai ‘a e ngaahi potungaue, pea ‘oku ne lalanga ‘a e maheni mo e fiefia ‘i he tokotaha ngaue fakapule’anga. Kau mai ke tau FIEFIA TONGA.