Women’s Affairs & Gender Equality

The Ministry recognize the key role that women play in society. As such, Women’s Affairs and Gender Equlity will have an increased focus on advocating family protection and will continue its existing efforts on ending domestic violence – an issue that familie (not only women) faces daily through the implementation of family protection Act. The Ministry will work with key stakeholders to set in place the necessary mechanisms that can empower women and girls in Tonga t excel in their various fields and become role models for others by completion of consultation and launching of the Revised Policy on Gender and Development 2019 – 2022.

Women’s Affairs includes activities that will benefit the ‘family’ as a whole rather than just women. This plan continues to support existing effort of the Mnistry to work in line withthe overall Commuity Development plans and achieves the overall goals throught its program specific to women development, and the informal sector by increasig women’s in come generation opportunities on handicrafts.

Women’s mpowerment will focu on setting policy frameworks such as the monitoring and evaluation Frameworks and Gender Databases that will enhance opportunities for women and girls in Tonga. It will have an emphasis on increased public awareness programs that provide greater understandingof the destructive nature of violence in our society against women and children. There will be an emphasis on delivering outputs generated from the national gender policy, strategic plan and family protection act.